Automotive Service in Fleetwood PA - Service Appointment

Regardless of type, machines sometimes break down and need to be fixed to be restored to optimal performance. Machines also need to be serviced periodically to avert problems and catch existing ones early. It is not different with cars. They need regular servicing and when they break down, they need the eye and hand of an expert to fix them. This is exactly what Kutztown Auto Company Service offers. Located at 14165 Kutztown Road Fleetwood in PA, the company offers comprehensive auto services. The auto service Fleetwood PA company serves the areas of Reading, Lancaster and Reading.

Maintenance I
  • Change engine oil & filter reset oil life system (up to 5 qt.)
  • Inspect engine air filter
  • Rotate and inspect tires, check inflation and wear
  • Inspect brake system. Brake lines, hoses, pads, and calipers, rotors and drums
  • Check engine coolant
  • Check and fill windshield washer fluid
  • Trucks: Lubricate front suspension, ball joints, and steering linkage And parking brake cables.
$59.95+ tax

Maintenance II
  • All maintenance I plus
  • Check radiator and condenser, pressure check, cooling system, and lube suspension
  • Inspect drive axle boots, inspect wiper blades, inspect safety belts
  • Lubricate key lock cylinders and all hinges and latches
  • Inspect throttle linkage
  • Inspect steering system and suspension
  • Inspect fuel system
  • Inspect brake transaxle shift interlock for correct operation
$79.95 + tax

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