GM Protection Plan

Peace of Mind for the Long Run

Your GM car, truck or van is a major purchase you'll want to protect for years to come. You can do just that with GM Protection Plan (GMPP) and Mechanical Repair Protection service and maintenance contracts.

GM Protection Plan contracts - the only product endorsed by General Motors for GM vehicles - protect against unexpected vehicle repair costs and ensure your vehicle receives proper maintenance. Mechanical Repair Protection provides the same for non-GM vehicles. Both are available in a variety of coverages and time and mileage combinations.

Whether your vehicle is new or used, purchased or leased, GM Protection Plan and Mechanical Repair Protection protect your vehicle.

What type of plans and coverages are available?

GM Protection Plan offers several levels of vehicle service and maintenance contracts.

  • Major Guard - The premium, comprehensive vehicle service contract covers virtually every component of your vehicle, as well as providing Alternate Transportation and Roadside Assistance, including towing for covered repairs.
  • Value Guard - The quality vehicle service contract that covers parts and labor for nine major vehicle assemblies (engine, transmission / transaxle, front / rear-wheel-drive assemblies, vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems, electrical systems, braking system components, front suspension, fuel system and steering system), Alternate Transportation and Towing for covered repairs.
  • Basic Guard - Essential protection covering four major assemblies (engine, transmission / transaxle, fuel system and front / rear-wheel-drive assemblies) for parts and labor costs, as well as Towing for covered repairs.
  • Smart Protection - A vehicle service contract for leased GM cars, light-duty trucks and vans that provides coverage equivalent to Major Guard, covering virtually every major vehicle system and component against failure, as well as Roadside Assistance and Alternate Transportation.
  • Smart Care - A specific vehicle maintenance contract that covers chassis lubrication, oil, oil filter and tire rotation according to scheduled time and mileage requirements in your owner's manual.

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Who should consider a GM Protection Plan?

Consider purchasing the GM Protection Plan for your GM vehicle:

  • If you drive more than 1,000 miles monthly and plan to lease or finance your vehicle for more than 36 months, or
  • If you want to decrease your financial exposure to repair costs
  • If you recently purchased a new or used vehicle and are concerned about the growing costs of life.

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